Nov 2016 Kunstmaand Ameland (with Mozaiekgilde)

During the month of November,  the island Ameland organises a Kunstmaand (this year was the 25th anniversary), and they asked us to be artists in residence in Boomhiemke. Of course we sais YES!!


Okt 2016  Mozaïekfestival Oss (with Mozaiekgilde)

The Mozaiekgilde was pleased to organise an international exhibition in Oss, together with Stichting Mozaiekfestival Oss (see www.mozaiekfestivaloss.nl). After a succesful exhibition with 2000 visitors, the next exhibition will take place in 2018. In the film below, Elsbeth Fokker , who was the main organiser from our group, was interviewed during the opening of the exhibition. The mozaiekgilde also presented the piece of art that was made together “mosaic member”.


May 2016  Expo Waalwijk Verhaal/Beeldtaal

An exhibition was organised with the group of 5 artists that concluded the end of a year course where we were trained in finding en telling our story and writing our art statement. It was a nice conclusion of a rewarding couse which was organised by Nicolette Peeters.


August 2015 Ootmarsum

We were asked to come to Ootmarsum and demonstrate the art of mosaic. We had a small courtyard where we started working on the “Mozaieklid”, a piece we made together will all the members of the Mozaiekgilde.


April 2014 Kruithuis Den Bosch, 10 years Mozaiekgilde

This exhibition was superb! In the old Kruithuis in Den Bosch, we had an exhibition of 1 month. We also mounted a video (see below) which tells about all the members of the Mozaiekguilde and their work.


September 2013 Art in my backyard, Vught

My firt solo exhibition, in my own backyard! With lots of friends and great weather : beautifull!


Other Events

2015 , ADAF Amsterdam
2012, Rolduc Expo
2011, Art Event Assen
2011, Natürlich Natür, Kerpen-Buir, DL



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Theresialaan 21
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