Mosaic Fantastic

The scultures on this page have a funny twist; there are wonderful creatures in the colouful world of Mosaic Fantastic. They enrich their living environment and often have some strange properties, having evolved in the close neighbourhood of mankind. Most mosaics are for sale: if you are interested to know the price of a mosaic piece, please feel free to contact me!

Psychedelic mushrooms/ Paddo’s (2015/2016)

There is no good translation for paddo’s, or perhaps psychedelic mushrooms. These are meant as small eye-catchers in border and garden. In this case their psychedelic nature is the colour, as if you eaten 10 mushrooms.

Dimensions: 40 cm height x  15 cm width x 15 cm depth, materials: glass, concrete.

Ganz Schön/ Beautiful Goose (2014),

This “chair”  was an experiment to see if I could make a seat from concrete. This beautiful German goose has retro feathers made from old lead-glass windows.

Dimensions: 110 cm height x  80 cm width x 50 cm depth. Materials: glass, steel, concrete

Hangtieten / Hanging Tits (2015)

This piece started out as drops and stalactites, but then miraculously they changed into hanging tits, inspired by the change of these appendices in time. My children were, of course, appalled.

Dimensions: 15cm height x  10 cm width  x  10 cm depth, Materials: glass, concrete

Stamgasten/ Bark guests (2013),

There are wonderful creatures in the colourful world of Fantastic mosaics. They enrich their living environment, and often have some strange properties, having evolved in the close neighbourhood of mankind. These “bark” guests sit in their usual tree spots and decorate the tree.

Dimensions: 10 cm diameter, Materials: concrete, glass.

Sandwalker / Zandloper (2013)

The colour of this creature Sandwalker is brown as the sand is his natural habitat, which is where he feels at home. He sometimes ventures out onto the grass looking for his mate the Grasshopper.


Whistlers / Flierenfluiters (2011)

These little birds whistle all day, caged by their frame. They look out, wishing to be able to fly away, but are locked forever on their own little branch.


Rose / Pluk een Roos (2004)

This little rose never wanes.

Dimensions: 25 cm height  x 30 cm diameter, Materials : clay, tiles, glass beads

Dalahast (2004),

This little horse comes all the way from Sweden and is called Dalahäst. Most Dalahorses are red and are handpainted. This one naturalised en became covered in blue mosaic.

Dimensions: 20 cm height x 30 cm width x  10cm depth (not for outside), materials: wood, glass beads.



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