Serious Sculptures

The sculptures on this page all tell a little story. Most are for sale, if you are interested to know the price of a mosaic piece, feel free to contact me!

Let it go (2016)

Virus, Sun, Roots, Grass, Sky… With this series of  5 mosaics  I try to express the art of letting go of expectations, of other people, of myself and of my work: is it still a mosaic? is it art? is it good enough? am I a real artist? All these questions are inherent tot being an artist, I am told… The sculptures are conciously abstract but organic in form, making only a suggestion of an image, covered in more of less mosaic. Sometimes the glass even seems tot be a parasite or virus slowly covering the concrete.

Dimensions: 40 cm height x 15 cm width x 15 cm  depth. Materials: steel, concrete, glass.

Eye Catcher (2015)

I wanted to make a larger statue for a while, which really would “jump tot the eye”, as it where: a light sculpture, but also made to withstand the weather outside. A sculpture with low volume but with a lot of depth : the eye is the mirror of the soul, but if you look through it you can see the world. The eye is a symbol of luck in the Turkish and Arab world, it fends off the evil spirits. Looking at the eye-catcher should make you feel safe and happy.

Dimensions: 175 cm height x  44 cm width  x 35 cm depth. Materials: steel, concrete, glass, porcelain.

Freedom / Vrijheid (2015)

This lady has an intriguing silhouette, as if she yells with all her might: I’m free!   That feeling came to us very strongly when I named her together with my oldest daughter. She has become our own statue of Liberty , and reminds us of the freedom we have.

Dimensions: 73 cm height  x 50 cm width x 40 cm depth, Materials: steel, concrete, glass.

Lady / Freule (2009)

I designed Lady after a period of insecurity and from the insight that we can make ourselves beautiful for the outside world, but we all have issues which we carry around with us. Lady is dressed for a party and looks her best in her lovely dress and hat. On her train we see all her problems which she has to carry around with her.

Dimensions: 40 cm height x 60 cm width x 30 cm depth. Materials: wood, PUR foam, ceramics, glass.

Inside & Out (2009)

The inside is a person’s inner beauty, colorful and splendid. On good days, the outside can mirror the inner beauty, making the person beautiful on the outside also. On bad days the outside can be bleak and dark and this darkness hides the inner beauty.

Dimensions: 70 cm height x 40 cm width x 20 cm depth. Materials: wood, PUR foam, ceramics, glass.

Love Birds / Vreemde Vogels (2012)

These love birds I found sitting after having made my strange birds (Flierenfluiters). These love birds were meant to be larger, but they would have to sit instead of hanging, dus to their weight. The blue bird is definitely the male: bigger, more colourful and dominant, the little white bird is his lady: lovely , petite, and standing by her man.

Dimensions: male lovebird: 20 cm height x 28 cm width x 20 cm depth , lady lovebird: 14 cm height x 21 cm width x 14 cm depth, Materials: ceramics, glass.

Angel in my heart / Engel in mijn hart (2007)

This work was inspired by angels. Some people believe they have an angel looking over them, a loved one who is kept safe in their hart. I have thought to combine this as an angel in my hart.

Dimensions: 60 cm height x 60 cm width x 10 cm depth. Materials: wood, PUR foam, ceramics, glass.

Streams / Stromingen (2011)

I started one of my only more or less flat mosaics with a large piece of tree bark which I found in the woods. Bark is strong and protects the tree against wind and weather. It represents an imperfect and rough nature. The association I had was with streams, or with the images you get by taking pictures of landscapes and rivers from above. I have tried to depict 2 colours of glas and smalti which come together like a river delta. The blue green leaves make the link back to the tree and the changing of seasons in the autumn.

Dimensions: 70 cm height x 40 cm width, Materials: wood, bark, glass, smalti, ceramics.



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